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This month NoteConference has a great opportunity. Mike will be speaking at Dawn Rickabaugh’s Property & Paper Summit.

She’s known as the Note Queen and has helped many people get into and succeed in the note business. I am very honored to be meeting with her (finally!) as well as presenting at her summit event.

This event will take place in South Lake Tahoe on October 6th through the 8th. I personally will be speaking on XXX but will be in attendance the entire time.

I am absolutely looking forward to seeing so many great people, as well as meeting more. It’s always a good thing to expand your network, and I feel so lucky to meet you all.

I’ve heard great things about Lake Tahoe from my son who has spent some time out that way. I myself am from New Jersey but love the idea of meeting people from all over the country. I know there will be many locals as well as travelers at this summit.

Here’s what Dawn & her team have to say about the event:

It’s time for our 3rd annual live event (Property & Paper Summit) on stunning Lake Tahoe the first Sunday, Monday, Tuesday of every October [this year the 6th (2-6pm), 7th & 8th] and WOW do we have a killer line up again!! I really feel blessed to have so much support from amazing peers in the industry… it’s absolutely mind blowing.

We also decided to add an extra half day on the front end with the newer student in mind. That way basic concepts and vocabulary are introduced before we slam into the content on Monday & Tuesday. The price has stayed the same but we have added even MORE value.

As you may know, this is an intimate gathering which allows an extremely unique and powerful experience to unfold. You’ll learn as much or more in the after-hours networking as you do in class. If you don’t already know… you do business with people you know, like and trust, and this is exactly the kind of venue to support those bonds.

I hope it goes without saying that, “No, you will not learn everything about owner financing & the secondary market for notes in just 2.5 days.” Since when did any college degree or professional development only cost you a few hundred bucks and 3 days of your life??

You need to consider this one step in the overall journey of self empowerment as you create wealth and financial stability for yourself and the people around you. Plus it’s fun.
There will be a LOT of seasoned investors in the room, from speakers to those I already know will be attending. But just for the speaking line up, check this out:

– Gordon Moss
– Mike Ruscica
– Tom Henderson
– Cheri Hill
– Abby Shemesh
– David Kurtzman
– & me ūüôā

Be sure to visit the PPS sales page to peruse the bios. Over the next few weeks as we run up to the event, I’ll be featuring each of these people in a mini interview so you can get to know them better and be excited about who you’ll be able to rub shoulders with.

If you are at all interested and able to come, seriously DON’T DELAY!! I expect we will sell out just as we have the previous 2 years. And if you can spring for it, staying in one of the lake front town homes family style is really the primo option.

Save Your Seat ->>

I appreciate you and give you the royal invitation to: “Go out there and create financial solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to another” whether you can join us this year or not.

Big hugs,
Dawn Rickabaugh
P.S. Hear What Previous Real Estate Investors Have to Say After Attending Property & Paper Summit:

Take a look! I hope to see you there!

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Welcome to NoteConference's Affiliate Dashboard!

All affiliates will receive 50% commission on all sales. This currently includes the following programs:

In order to be actively enrolled as an affiliate for NoteConference please make sure the following is

To access your specific affiliate links, please follow the below instructions.

  1. Go to and log in
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This will take you to your dashboard where you will find all the links needed to successfully track sales. Be sure to use these links or you will not be credited for sales.

On this dashboard you can also very easily track sales. This is also where you can change your PayPal email address as needed.

NoteConference Education

NoteConference has created online courses & a supportive community to get you started the right way into this industry.

The note buying and selling business can seem overwhelming, and you might not be sure where to start. NoteConference has educational material that is made for those just starting out, or those looking for more of a mentor-tutor relationship.


This introductory course will get you all the material to get started in the note business. There are dozens of easy-to-digest material that students can watch over and over again at their leisure during the course of the year.

In addition to the video courses and materials, students will also be a part of a community. Every other week, NoteConference creator Mike Ruscica leads a mentoring webinar where the students can ask questions and get direct answers. They can even learn from each other!

Those calls are not recorded to maintain privacy of students. To participate students must join in live via Zoom.


NoteConference has created a more one-on-one course made for someone who is perhaps a bit more experienced in the note business. This course includes hours of videos and content at a more advanced level. Students can watch and re-watch the material at their convenience during the course of the year.

In addition to the material, the students will have a weekly phone call with Mike during the year. Students can get personal time spent with Mike and grow their portfolio much more quickly. This course is recommended for serious investors who are ready to start making deals.

Please note: Due to a limited availability of time, NoteConference Mentorship program may not have space. To request a space for the Mentorship program, please email us at:

With the subject line:

Mentorship Program Request

From there, a team member will contact you with availability, and answer any questions you may have regarding the program.

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Note Investing Tip #2

Turn your borrower (who has gone through bankruptcy) into an investor?
What the heck could this mean!
A good percentage of my borrowers have gone through bankruptcy. When someone goes through bankruptcy, their entire financial life is made public on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records, better known as
Many people have some form of retirement plan, IRA 401K etc, which is listed in the voluntary petition.
When I see this I go right into the conversation with the borrower “How are your returns in your retirement account?”
I have never once been asked how I knew they had one, they were too fired up to tell me about the losses they have incurred over the years.
Instead of the¬†pity party¬†they were expecting…

…I tell them how they can get an immediate¬†50% return on their investment¬†using the equity in their home.
They are all ears at this point!
I tell them¬†“every 1 dollar they give us¬†toward their mortgage,¬†we will give them $1.50¬†in pay down of their debt which translates into equity in their home!” This is only offered once and they have 15 days to fund this deal.

At this point they are scrambling to figure out how to pay us which is a good thing!
$10k in payment 15K in payoff, 20k payment 30k payoff – We offer them this deal, as the bank.
Who else is offering them this type of deal!!

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Note Investing Tip #1

Creating Growth Through Brokering

This happened on the way back from the beach this morning! Anyway, I am rolling out a new series of Note Investing Tips for your enjoyment, let me know what you think in the coming weeks! I want to help you all experience growth in this business.

As you know, we invest in non-performing residential mortgage notes. The main part of our business is to get these non-performers turned around and into performance status.

-Purchased a note at $10,500
-Unpaid Principle Balance $34,000
-Borrower gave us a small chunk up front $2,000 and starting making payments of $375 per month
-Number of payments total: 137
So that's a typical deal..... but wait there's more!

I now find an investor that would be ecstatic with an 8% return and sell 60 payments (5 years) of $375 for $18,495.
The investor would in total receive $22,500 for a nice growth play in their IRA and I take the $18,495 and buy another non-performing loan and repeat the process.

There are all kinds of fancy ways to structure this transaction but I like to keep it simple, I just make this into a personal loan of $18,495 paid back over 5 years with a personal guarantee.
Simple enough?
I know of a great guy out there teaching RE Investing and his motto "there is not a deal out there that I can not over complicate"... I don't need to be that guy I am not that smart! Ha!
So what happens at the end of 5 years? I get the cash flow back guessed it, take another swing.

This process creates financial growth in my life, you can scale this business from different ways!

Thanks for reading, folks! Check back soon for Note Investing Tip #2!