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Have Many Pockets

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I was talking with a close friend of mine yesterday who I consider a wealthy investor. I asked him what he was up to today, he nonchalantly mentioned he had to open a new bank account, we discussed how time consuming the process was etc.

My Wacky Theory

​I immediately thought about my theory of having many “Pockets” to fill with money and hold assets….Read more
The theory goes like this:
The more places you have to hold and store money and assets, the more money and assets will flow into your life because the universe hates empty things.
I can prove this theory to you very simply. 
Go empty out your garage or basement and watch in horror how fast it fills back up!

Magic Formula

​Multiple sources of income paired with Pockets is a match made in Heaven! 
So which comes first the stream of income or the bank account?
Do the 2nd one first, Open the Bank Account today then watch the ideas pop into your head and the people into your life that will help you fill that bank account up. 
Go open a safe deposit box today to store your future notes and allonges. 
Then sit back in satisfaction and watch the deals and people that will appear to make your intentions become reality.

Easy things to get started

​Here is a short list for you to work on
Safe Deposit Boxes
Your Self Directed IRA’s
Personal Savings accounts
Several Business Checking accounts
Several Trusts held inside your SDIRA’s Jack Shea Map to your Gold Mine
Business PO Boxes for the checks to show up
Self Directed Solo 401k’s (which I need to open : )
Your friends’ Self Directed IRA’s

Take Action!

Go out and have fun with this!

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