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Vcita – Experience The Advantage
Vcita is a popular software that allows clients to schedule a meeting. This software connects to your calendar with the scheduling page, ensuring that you are never double booked. Vcita is also great because it will keep you focused while waiting for important phone calls, and you will not waste any more time with the etiquette of “scheduling”. It is a great feeling when you and your client have scheduled a call that works for both parties. From using this software, you feel more connected with the person who is on the other line.  

How Does It Work?

Vcita pairs seamlessly with Google Calendar, allowing clients to pick from specific dates and times that you have available. You pick which days (such as Friday or Saturday) to accept or not to accept any phone calls. It is very flexible to change. Vcita can also have the option to receive payments sending out emails to your client and yourself ensuring your call has scheduled appropriately.

What Are The Benefits & Why Should You Use It?

If you are getting started in any business venture, or already have an existing business, I’m sure you have clients that have questions or want to speak with you directly. Unfortunately, you are a busy person and can’t always stop what you are doing to accept unexpected calls, which means you might keep missing the chance to speak with someone. You then run the risk of offending them, and potentially losing money for your business. With Vcita, I don’t have to worry about opening up my calendar to try and find a mutual time for a meeting. Vcita gives me a link that I can send to my clients that is professional, and easy to do! Not to mention convenient for both you and your client. It is a great way to be organized and professional. Your clients will be grateful to have such an easy way to schedule calls, and you’ll never double book again!