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Expecting Money?

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This has been the kiss of financial death for most people.
We had a neighbor years ago hurt his back on the job with a legal settlement expecting to payoff many hundreds of thousands (according to him) one day.

As every day passed I witnessed both him and his wife sit on the porch literally waiting for the mailman!
They both deteriorated right before our eyes as they waited. Months turned into years and eventually lost his parents house in foreclosure as the whole family expected that check to fix everything.

I see it with family members waiting for the big inheritance “once uncle Willy dies” poor uncle Willy.
A friend once said “if your business plan needs someone to die, it’s probably not a very good plan” Ha! I laughed hard at that but it’s true for many people.

I also see it with the lottery, Hell I experienced it with the lottery!

Years ago I got caught up playing a set of numbers on Tuesday and Friday for the “Big payoff” for 4 months I focused on those numbers, guess what Everything else turned to Sh!t! My deal flow gone, my cashflow down, I was putting out the wrong vibes, my creativity gone! I was a Lottery Junkie, it was actually amazing and hilarious looking back.

Waiting for my weekly paycheck held me in limbo for years and years! The saying goes “too much month at the end of the money” 

I have discussed many times the need for a “steady paycheck” Bullsh!T!
Steady paychecks takes the heart out of people. I was using all of my creative powers for the benefit of my boss and his merry band of thieves.  

One potential answer
Side hustle!
Side hustle one stream of income, get good at that process and build another stream, then another, do it in as short a period of time as possible because when you can stop working for “the man” and stop expecting that steady paycheck you will now have an extra 40+ hours of time to really build your businesses. 
The note business is just that, monthly dribs and drabs with an “Unexpected large Chunk” every once in a while. We just sold a performing loan to a financial institution for 80 cents on the dollar! (Unexpected). That note was dribbling in $480 per month for the last 28 months then Wham!

Are you working on your side hustle building multiple streams of income?
If you are not receiving the income you would like or you do not have the free time that you would like, it just means there is something that you need to learn that you have not learned yet.
Working harder is never the answer, working longer hours is never the answer in my experience.
Happy New Year!

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