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From Blue Collar to Investor

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As most of you know, I came from a blue collar career.
I would get to work and enter the manufacturing plant through the back door, grab a cup of coffee and start my day hanging with the same coworkers week after week year after year with almost zero change in my financial life and zero change in my “networking life”. How could there be change, I did the same things with the same people day in day out.

Conference calls

Then came the conference calls I attended with investors nationwide. They didn’t know me and I didn’t know them but as I attended these investor calls with my mentor leading the way, we all started to get to know each other through the conversations we all had with our mentor discussing the note business. I started to connect with these folks off line, at coffee shops, I arranged meetings in NYC and at local REIA meetings and then NoteConference was born holding my own Conference calls just like my mentor did. I was now hanging with successful entrepreneurs. 


So the big change for me was getting out of he factory and finding new friends, friends that wanted the same life I wanted and we all helped each other get what we wanted Financial freedom. 

I can say with total confidence that the app saved my financial life! Ha!


This is why NoteConference FasTrack program is so special to me, I get to relive my experience through my students. 
Looking back now I can see all the pieces falling into place of how I got to where I am today.
I can teach you how to get your financial freedom but you have to be willing to get new friends.


NoteConference FasTrack a community of investors moving toward to a better future!​​


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