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I overcame my money issues Here’s how

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Yes I had money issues, big money issues.
Growing up there was never enough to go around and so we never talked about it in our house.
I highly recommend this book!

We didn’t talk about money because there was nothing to talk about.
We got what we got and that was it.

It seemed as though as soon as we got a little money it was already spent on an outstanding whatever. Usually a part that was needed for our car or some living costs etc.

I could never accumulate any amount of money ever. It seemed like I was always in a place of lack but only about money-That is the secret to what I will share with you now.

I only always lacked just money, we had plenty of everything else, plenty of love, plenty of food, plenty of friends, plenty of everything except cash.

As a kid I loved collecting stamps, as you may know my Dad worked for the Post Office and so stamps was my goto collectable. I had tons of stamps, when I stayed home sick from school I would spread out my collection and marvel at my vast collection of assets.
As I got older that’s when my real money issues showed up.

So what did I do? What is the Secret? I started collecting assets. I wasn’t screwed up about accumulating assets, I was screwed up about accumulating cash.

I may still have issues with money with early mental programming from childhood and I would have to guess I am not alone in this struggle. I can see it clearly when I am at the bookstore (back when you could go to the bookstore) and see that the shelves are lined with books about overcoming money issues.

Collect assets and the money takes care of itself.
This works folks!
Stay Healthy Get Wealthy!

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