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Where are you?

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Where are you in your journey through life?
I love this question because it shocks the mind to take stock 
of the current position you are in, the current status.

Guidance System

You use your emotions to tell you where you are, to
tell you if you are on the right path or not.

Tired and Bored- Wrong Path
   Angry and frustrated- Wrong Path
      Joy and excitement- Right Path
         Lost in your work- Right Path

My Father

My father always told me you can’t feel good always! I always knew that yes you can feel good always.

Are you building assets for your later years or even building a 
legacy for your Heirs?

I want to acquire at least 3 assets per month for my long term holds.

Nobody likes a quitter!

Quitting my job in 2005 was by far the best thing I ever did.
It freed me up to really pursue different strategies That took me farther than I could have ever dreamed had I been burdened by a job.
I remember being behind my desk thinking I really don’t have time for this I could be looking at houses right now!

That’s when I started paying close attention to my emotions. 
I think the pit of my stomach was the loudest for me, screaming get me the F out of here! You were designed to do more!
I had always enjoyed helping other people succeed. At 18 I gave Banjo lessons and I really enjoyed watching some progress right in front of me and it was all my doing!

So Where Are You?

So Where are you?
Don’t you think you deserve as much out of life as you possibly can muster up?
Are you hanging with the people that can get you to your desired results?
Do you want Banjo Lessons? Ha

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