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Asset or Liability?

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Fastest cheapest easiest way to financial freedom!

1998 I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and my mind exploded. My wife read it also and we were examining everything we bought…Asset or Liability? It became a habit, Asset or Liability, Asset or Liability? It was fun and it was real!

We bought our first real asset April “99” a 2 family house local to us. That was the beginning of our investment career.

Every dollar we pull out of our pocket to spend gets examined Asset or Liability?

Every asset we purchase has the potential to put cash back into our pockets.

Every Liability we purchase has the potential to take more money out of our pockets, and that’s Ok because we are Aware and are Prepared for what to expect.

2 very simple concepts that has been worth millions! 

Mental Block

In a previous email I discussed collecting Assets instead of dollars because I could be a collector of assets rather than a saver of money.

There is a mental block for me when it comes to “Saving Money”
Money has a way of slipping through my fingers but Assets I collect and keep like stamps!

Stay Healthy Get Wealthy!

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