Feb 10th

As investors we are constantly questioning the validity of any investment and measure its worth with expected potential returns. Thats what we do and must do before we ever pull the trigger on any investment.

We just completed serious due diligence with our brand new NoteConference student, 6 straight days of note purchase review on a group of notes that were located at the Meadowlands event, this tape looked very promising at the onset (like in “lets buy them all!”) but by the time we completed our correct due diligence we may have saved this student 50k? 75k? And better than just the “THAT RIGHT THERE WAS WORTH THE PRICE OF THE COURSE” we now have an educated student that feels that much more confident for the next go around.

This student still has over 8 months of training and phone support left!

Be careful how you spend money and be even more careful where you Save it!

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

― Mahatma Gandhi


January 24th and 25th

NoteConference Meadowlands event of the year! See you there

This is going to be awesome! Get signed up now type “NoteConference” and get a nice ticket price discount

Featured Speakers & Panelist:

– Mike Ruscica – CEO of NoteConference

– Dave Van Horn – CEO at PPR
– Jack Krupey – CEO Gemini Capital
– Anthony Martinez – President of Asset Ventures LLC
– Val Sotir – Watermark Capital
– Scott Carson – CEO Inverse Investments LLC
– Marc Gold – Partner American Home Recovery Fund
– Ricky Brava – Partner of Apollo Financial Group
– Adam Friedman – Partner at Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, LLP
– Saprina Allen – Arlette investments
– Marc Brener & Sherman Arnowitz – Keyhole Financial
– Joe Downs – US Mortgage Resolution
– Rob Napolitano – DREAM Capital
– Steve Lloyd – Partner of Stone Bay Holdings LLC

– Paul Ullman – Partner of Asset Based Lending LLC
– Jillian Sidoti – Syndication Attorney
– Joel Markovitz – Porthos Portfolio
– Carl & Ryan Fischer – Camaplan
– Kevin Cordell – Madison Management
– Victoria Varrasse, ESQ – President of Streamline Mortgage Resolution
– Craig Zappetti – Partner at Saul Ewing LLP
– & 20+ more speakers!