Equity University Orlando

Equity University Orlando Sept 19-22

This is how NoteConference saw this event…

Since this was our 1st experience at this event we were tuned into every aspect of this trip right down to the entry package of fliers given out at registration sign in. After pouring through the material it looked as though this event was going to be geared toward the beginning investor more so than the veterans I had hoped to meet (funny how we jump to conclusions so early on!)

After registering we floated in and out of the “main tent” where you could sit 600 people comfortably, in this room I thought the topics were actually geared toward the beginning investor, covering topics like having your team available, buy low sell high, knowing your target market area, industry growth, selling your houses at below market value if you want to move them quickly etc.

Moving out of the main tent and into the vendor area there were different vendors offering specific investments in specific areas of the country- they were purchasing rehab homes on the MLS and flipping them out for profit and they needed more capital to perform this magic. Interestingly there was no investment company raising capital to invest in notes…hmmm

Speed networking was on Friday where you had 4 minutes to elevator pitch the person sitting across from you. I mainly listened to what others invested in and then directed them to our speaking event the following day, I think I had a positive response but will find out on Saturday if people show up.

Friday evening stood out for me as the first awesome event when the founder of ETC Richard Desich spoke on the various investment vehicles available. This man knows his business and he knows how to make us all look silly because most of us dont spend enough time picking the correct investment vehicle to carry us through to retirement! Ouch

This one hour session reminded me of the excitement I had 7 years ago when I first opened up my self directed IRA and it also reminded me of how I feel each time I log in and see my borrowers and servicing Co. making deposits! It was then that I realized that I would attend this event every year going forward and I also realized my SDIRA was a big part of my investing life, but I in no way use it to its capacity, not even close.. YET

What stood out for me was Dick Desich description of their Solo 401K, like Dick said “how could you not use this?” all you need is an LLC and money! More on this in a separate email

Saturday of course was special for me as I was speaking at 4:00 so we kicked back with family and friends until it came time to “work”. We had a great turn out and really enjoyed the people that came in.

NoteConference had 2 students attend this event and we believe they had an awesome opportunity for networking in that room and throughout the event, good job guys!

Sunday we just stood in the hallway and talked to attendees passing by and realized that was the best networking session of all, there were veterans there doing amazing investments and most of them had done some type of note investment along the way (by accident) but they did start to realize that they can do the note investment business “On Purpose all the time”! We will be hearing from those folks!

I did notice the vendors that were there for the entire event were glazed over bySunday as 4 days is too long to sit behind a folding table, yikes

I am sure I will be keeping you updated with more Equity Trust success as attendees start reaching out to us for more note information. I rate this trip a success and invite you all to attend next year whether or not you attend as a NoteConference student. As a matter of fact we are thinking of changing the name from NoteConference Student to NoteConference Partner, what do you think?

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