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This Labor Day weekend weekend we are celebrating working in this country and thinking hard about it I am truly grateful to have happened onto the investment business and have been able to help others become successful at the same time.

“nobody likes a quitter” If you know me you have heard me say this phrase to people that have been lucky enough to quit their JOB’s and enjoy the life of an investor. (J.O.B. just over broke) I was 45 when I finally became a quitter and let me tell you it felt so natural to burn that bridge so that I had to make it work. I’ve had my struggles but they were all MY struggles with no one to blame but myself I’ve had my triumphs and again no one to congratulate but myself (and my wife).

There are so many ways to earn money and having a job is just one single way and usually not the easiest, but yet the masses are all in the work place not making ends meet. Trading hours for dollars is a very limiting formula as we can plainly see but we still fall victim to taking the “easy” way out.
I had a heart surgeon tell me “if you take the easy way you will…

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have a hard life, if you take the hard way you will have an easy life” he was referring to the crap foods we consume compared to cooking healthy meals but its true for every aspect of our environment.

We all create our environment, we have to create our environment as thinking humans we are not born with instincts like the animals are. Sounds funny but its true, I watch the squirrels running around they are perfectly in tune with their surroundings and know exactly how to survive and thrive (except for cars) but us humans we have to create our external world, building houses, building businesses, building everything we see around us because we were all given these creative skills. This is easy to prove, just look at where you are and what you have and what you are doing, that was all you my friend

So realizing we all have this creative ability, we are truly free to create and recreate our environment why not go for it and build it out bigger, build it out better get so good at this that we control our results in a really big way instead of settling for what ever is available at the moment.
Never settle for anything, you are a creative being you have the ability to design your life, you have designed yours up to this point whether you believe it or not it does not matter.

I think most don’t design the dream life for themselves is first they are not aware that they can, and second they don’t think that highly of themselves as far as worthiness maybe.
This is serious stuff and the quicker you understand the quicker you can make some serious adjustments.
Ask yourself some questions

What do I think the world to be…
What do I think of my financial situation…
What about my relationships…
What do I think money to be…
What are my present results…
Am I a lucky person…
Life is _________

So watch what you believe to be true, that is a huge part of our thought process, right back to my last post, your decisions are based on your beliefs from previous experience or your perception of your previous experience.
We have the ability to recreate ourselves and our beliefs about who we think we are, you have tremendous potential, I know this to be true because we are all the same and I know I have not touched the potential I have inside of me. Tap into that awesome potential and build it out bigger and better than you ever dreamed
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