What is Distressed Pro and is it worth buying?

BankProspector is used by note investors and brokers, real estate investors, house flippers, REO agents, commercial real estate brokers and others to find lender direct non-performing note and REO deals direct from banks and credit unions. BankProspector is a sales intelligence software and data miner that shows you the non-performing note and REO portfolio as well as decision maker contact info for every bank and credit union in the United States.

I met Brecht Palombo in 2010 when I was searching for tools to access bank loan information.
I was looking for banks with distressed debt and here was the perfect tool.
At the time, I was using another system that was very expensive as they charged state by state Yikes!
Bank Prospector gave me Nationwide access to the information I needed as I was looking for a very specific type of assets.
I have had an account subscription ever since as it is an invaluable tool for my business.
I love to tell a bank asset manager just how much non performing debt they have on their books, they are shocked at the level of information I have on their banks dirty little secrets Ha!
Take it out for a test drive

Let me know what you think.
He who holds the bank contacts wins!
Stay Healthy Get Wealthy!

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