What financial calculator should I use?

HP10bii by in a day development This has the values stored visibly in the registers add youtube

First off, the most asked question, "what return could we expect?" we are offering an 8% yield typically over 5 years
the next one "how do you calculate these?"

On an HP10bII type calculator across the top buttons
N=60 (for 60 months of payments 5 years)
I=8 for 8% return
PV=unknown (Solve for this as the last step)
PMT=375 (whatever the loan payment might be)
FV=0 (at the end of 5 years the loan will be paid to zero)
I also have this calculator on my phone, best one I found is In a Day Development cost $5
The reason I like this one is the values are displayed above each register see below

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"What do you mean in the form of a loan?"Answer I had researched this years ago and found a long version using a Tenant in common contract.
I found that to complicated and just drew mine up as a personal loan from the investor into my company name and when the loan gets paid off that's it.

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"It all depends on the use of the cash (higher return, personal need, etc.) from selling the whole note now compared to the ROI of the 60 months sale and the future payments.  No one right answer."
Part 2
but it still comes down to which ROI is higher.  Both have risks to be analyzed.  The risk of the borrower returning to non-performing (which he has a history of) vs. risk the new investment won't pay the return anticipated.  It's all in a comparison of the numbers with neither choice being guaranteed.

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Are you sure you don’t want to sell me your re-performers, Mike??? So I can do what you state in your email??

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"You send good emails"

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Absolutely agree and the math backs it up, particularly for long-term cash flows and non-equitable notes. IMHO, this might be the most valuable lesson people entering any cash flow business could absorb.

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