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What books are you reading right now

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I get this question all the time and it’s a good one

“what books are you reading right now and what books should I be reading right now”

I guess there are no wrong answers here because no matter what level you are at you will get something out of every book
Let’s say you are an expert note investor and you get a beginners newbie book on note investing, being an expert will allow you to fly through the content until you hit that ah-ha moment where you find the gem or gems you were digging for.

My friend Gordon wrote an awesome book with a ridiculous title on note investing you might want to look at.

Let’s say you are a newbie investor and buy an advanced investing book, you then will read this book possibly very very slowly to get every bit of content learned before you move on to the next chapter.
See it doesn’t matter what level you are at to purchase this or that book, you can’t go wrong, even the most horribly written books will still benefit you, somewhere in that book will be the gem!

I have been investing in notes since forever it feels like but am still learning by getting my hands on as much information as possible.

I still am learning adopting adapting new things to my business by studying new material, both on the topic and indirectly off topic trying to interweave 2 different business into one.

So what does that mean…I may be studying photography and find a connection of using a camera to help market my note investing education because I am getting together with my successful students and I want to have an awesome group photo.

Many of you know I was into machining/ manufacturing in my previous life and I naturally transitioned my computer programming skills into the note business which in turn allowed me to hold conference calls on note investing hence the name NoteConference and here we are today which morphed into powerful webinars which helped me grow my network, which helped me start brokering notes out to my group which led one thing to another

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