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Today is Tuesday Aug 29, 2017

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Today Is Tuesday August 29th, 2017

Did you say big deal? Just another Tuesday?
Today is a very big deal its the biggest deal you and I have, its everything!

What can you and I do today that will probably be uncomfortable but bring us years of reward?

Build multiple streams of income. That’s it, one by one piece by piece.

Most people put this off until they have extra money, extra time, but they don’t realize they get the extra money and extra time by building out the multiple streams of income, they have it all backwards.
So what do I mean by “it will probably be uncomfortable”?

When working on Multiple streams of income, it takes time to build one out, it may take you 5 months to see any results and to most that period of time is just to long. It is too much effort for a $300 per month payoff lets say, but that usually is $300 for the next 20 years depending on which stream of income vehicle you choose to focus on. Also, once you learn the system you can repeat and repeat. I currently focus on monthly income from notes on residential houses, I also focus on residential rental income and now moving into the world of blogging.
Moving into the blogging world is “uncomfortable” for me, that’s when I know I am right where I should be, it may take me 6 months to see any return and I am totally Ok with that. I also know that hiring the correct mentors and techs to assist me in my streams increases the cash flow, success ratio and time spent on each type of stream.
Would you like to work with me on these concepts.

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