Time and Money

Time and Money

Your time is everything it truly is. We all have just so much, there isn’t a person alive that gets to buy more.
But with that being said, you can buy other people’s past experience to save yourself time and that is huge! Sorry to say that most don’t do this and that may be one of the big reasons most people just drift through life thinking they are getting what they deserve.
So what can you do to avoid this mistake most people make. Find out first what it is that you truly want out of life with the time you have left. When you figure out what you truly want, go find someone that has what you want. See if you can hire them to show you. Now you are using their experience to jump you into the future and buy yourself TIME!

We treat business like a game, a pro golfer knows he or she can always play the game better by learning new tactics and having better tools and repetition and working with a pro or several pros, and a pro golfer will stand at the putt and take what seems an eternity, what they are doing is envisioning the path of the ball in their mind’s eye all the way into the cup before they will make a move to hit the ball. A weekend golfer goes up hits the ball and hopes it gets close,
Big difference but we should do the same thing with our business, but most just go to work and hope to get close.

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