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NoteConference has been around for 10 years bringing you content that has been tested and proven to work. We also bring you things that did not work for us in and out of our experience. The non performing note investment business has taught us how to perform due diligence. It has taught us how to go above and beyond “normal” to the point of ridiculous!

Our first journey of Research was in the self development arena. Attending countless seminars, webinars, meetings, books, you name it for over 30 years. Starting with the Life Spring Group in 1984, Tony Robbins first book and then on to “Unleash the Power Within”, The Field Center, Wayne Dyer, Lifeonaire, Think and Grow Rich, The Secret on and on. I have spent 3+ years with my current Mentor and I must say this was the one for me. After searching and learning along the way knowing I was getting closer and closer, I have arrived with what works for me. I’m not saying it will work for you but for the money to find out it is worth a test.

I hooked up with this program which is a livestreaming event and away I went so did my appetite for greater knowledge and greater knowledge on and on. I now realize it can get better and better. I’m talking about my life, I’m talking about serious stuff here. I’m talking about your life!


Now most people in this world are what we call ” drifters”. They drift through their lives bumping into things, “maybe I’ll try this or try that”. You may be doing this at this very moment you drifted to this website, but I don’t think so. I believe you were attracted to this website because you are in search of a better life. We all want a better life, trust me we all do. The problem is most people don’t believe they can have a better life. I’m talking a ridiculously better life! One that surpass their parents financial life by 500%. most of us walk around with that gage in their heads, how it was like growing up as kids vs how it is like now as adults.

Unfortunately most people also think when they finished college or High School they were done learning. They surely were done paying for their education! That is sad but true most don’t spend any money furthering their minds, they will spend money on the craziest stuff but not a nickel on their self development!

The money I spend on self development has seen such high returns I dare not brag about them here! I only celebrate this information with my family

Now, if you discuss this tuition with your neighbors they will laugh you out of town, unless you have brilliant neighbors. Odds are that you dont Ha! Now thats also why they are struggling to make ends meet in their dead end JOB (Just Over Broke). 3% of the population has 90% of the money and the top 10% of the country doesnt work because they have to. They work because they want to.


Why does everyone work for money? Programming, Programming, out of school, drift into a JOB because no one shouted to them that working for money is the worst way to earn money.

Well its not too late to retake your life, yes I am talking about your life! You are trading hours for dollars. Everybody only has hours. Now your boss has his hours and he has figured something out, he also has your hours to grow out his life. Some people are ok with that. I wasn’t ok with that, so I learned how to produce multiple sources of income and its incredible. I make money while I sleep, while I’m travelling, and while I’m working at the work I love, which is writing this type of helpful material. Being finnancial free is more than has taught me a lot. Helping others cross over into multiple sources of income will make you finnancial free. I consider myself a helpful guy and the people I work with agree with me. I help my friends make passive income!

Multiple streams of income does not mean multiple jobs. Please understand that every time I use the phrase multiple stream of income, I am talking passive income. This is Income that you work at in the beginning to get it up and running, then you sit back and monitor the Success of each stream.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”

So “progressive realization” means setting up a stream of income, maximizing the cash flow and then doing it over and over until you reach your “worthy Ideal”. your worthy ideal is the idea of being financially free. Free from working for dollars one day in the future. Make that your Worthy Ideal. An Ideal is an idea that you see in your mind that will be a life changer in the future!

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