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        • Get Response – Used for email campaigns and building yourself email lists

        • Vcita – Used for Scheduling a call  and also a great commission affiliate

        • Go Daddy – Trusted web hosting provider. Great for startup WordPress sites 

        • Grasshopper – Have a professional phone number for calling and receiving important phone calls

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    • Performance Anxiety

      This book teaches you all you need to know about starting the note business. It is a great book for learning the business from scratch – highly recommended. Check it out!

    • Making The Transition

      Learn from people that have already done what you are trying to do to accelerate your progress.

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Welcome to the PRO Coaching Program

Welcome to NoteConference Education! We take pride in our content, but we are always striving to improve and expand. We have arranged our content in an order we recommend, but please browse at your leisure.


While some of the content is a previously recorded webinar, we can guarantee that all of our content is relative and important to this business today. We know that NoteConference offers more knowledgeable content than other programs out there, and when used in combination with our weekly call you will be unstoppable.


Take notes and write down questions so that you are able to discuss them with me on our weekly calls so that you are truly getting the most out of this experience.


Although we do not offer legal or financial advice, we can offer you some of the very best content and our own personal experiences. Thank you for choosing NoteConference Education - where we make note buying easy.

Mike Rus: How This Business Works

Mike discusses his start to the note-buying business, and how he has made it into a career. He reveals how his thought process has changed over the year to create the life that he has now. He also takes a look at specific notes and how he worked them.

Conference on Conferences

Mike and his old webinar partner Kevin Cordell review their webinar-hosting tips and tricks. Mike also reviews a past note, and gives tips on getting started!

Brokering Part One

Kevin and Mike discuss how necessary it is in the note buying & selling world to understand brokering. Everyone will have to do it in some way, shape, or form. It’s vital to your success that you know how to broker, and with their tips and examples you’ll be well on your way.

Brokering Part Two

Surface Pro Calculator

Mike reviews how he uses his 10bii calculator on his desktop in this quick tutorial video.

Credit Drilldown with Kevin Cordell and Mike Ruscica

In this video, Mike and Kevin review credit reports. They explain not only how to read them, but how to determine red flags from green ones.

NoteConference Due Diligence Part One

In this video, Mike and Kevin take a deep look at a tape and review their due diligence process.  They explain things to both beginners and more advanced members of this community.

NoteConference Due Diligence Part Two

Kevin and Mike pick up right where they left off in Due Diligence Part One. They review a tape, and give continued information and show how they use various websites to determine a good tape from bad.

The 5 W's

Mike and Kevin review the who, what, where, when, and why of this business in their webinar. They get input from other students, past and present, and share personal experiences and opinions. 

Raising Capital

Mike interviews his colleague Ron, who has years of personal experience in raising capital. Listen and learn as they discuss different ways to approach this subject.

Work the numbers

In this video, Mike reviews step by step what it takes to calculate out for many needed numbers. With the help from colleague Victoria Versay, he explains how to work the numbers.

Loan Boarding

Mike uses Time Value 5 software to demonstrate how he boards a loan. He creates an amortization schedule to match the note, using a real note as a sample for optimal comprehension. It is crucial to make sure that the loan is boarded correctly.

Statute of Limitations with Jolene Ross

Jolene Ross joins Mike as they discuss the statute of limitations on debt collection and and how it impacts note investors. Jolene has several slides that she runs through with Mike as they review your options as a note investor in relation to loan maturity.


Jack Shea

Borrower Servicing Management

Pricing Notes

Whos on 1st? Who’s on 2nd?

NoteConference Q & A

Brecht Palumbo

NoteVision Introduction

NoteVision2017 Introduction with Mike Ruscica

This video is about how Mike was able to learn about creating and maintaining his goals as subconscious thoughts, specifically regarding establishing this event.


Money Lender Professional with Josh Whitman

Learn about this amazing software with the creator. He goes over how to use this software to easily calculate a variety of information regarding notes.

Bankruptcies with Kevin Cordell

Kevin Cordell goes over different the kinds of bankruptcies; what they mean for you and how to deal with them.

Big Deals with Gerald Lemoine

Learn the ins and outs of the note-buying business with a professional. Gerald reviews past dealings and shares details of investment strategies.

Self-Directed IRAs with Edwin Kelly

Edwin Kelly speaks about how he started his company, and how their goal is to help you plan for a retirement you can actually enjoy!

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