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10 thoughts on “noteconference education 1”

  1. Hi Mike
    I am already your student but I keep looking for any video you are showing. You are such a good teacher: patient, clear explanations
    methodic… It looks like there is always something new to learn. I will watch all the seven videos.
    Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge with us
    Be blessed

    1. Tom
      Thanks for watching and commenting. I am happy you are into this note business. I think it’s a great space to be in.
      I look forward to working some deals with you in the near future for sure.

  2. Hey Mike! Thanks for the 7 videos. Just watched the first one, and, I’m excited about learning all I can about the note industry. You seem like a very good teacher who would have patience with a novice. So, I look forward to learning from you. Thanks, again!

  3. I am here because I am interested in a note business. I recently signed up for training at and am loving their training so far and going to keep learning. I just watched your interview with one of your students and I am happy to see that there are people out there that are helping others start in the business. Thanks Video 1 down, six to go. A.Salters CCS Investmentgroup

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