I first heard of Gordon Moss back in XXX, and we’ve been able to cultivate a strong business relationship from then. He’s a great guy who I enjoy working with, mainly because our values lineup so well. We both believe in the power of second position notes, and the fact that we can make a real difference in the life of the homeowner (the borrower).

Knowing that I can help that borrower, while making money for myself, really drives me. I think that Gordon Moss can relate to that as well, because he really believes in making life easier for the borrower. He’s not buying notes with the sole purpose of foreclosing and grabbing that property (though it does happen). We both know that the optimum outcome is that a deal or arrangement is made where all parties walk away happy!

Anyone who is interested in this business, anyone who wants to learn just the basics, should really check his book out. It’s a great, easy read that is perfect for that person in your life who just maybe has a growing curiosity regarding the note business. The book is called “Performance Anxiety” and is a great way to introduce the concepts and main ideas of investing for people just like you - those people that aren’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your financial freedom!

I think my favorite part about the book is that he gets right to the point and simply explains concepts to people just getting started. It’s great because my students are always telling me how people around them, their close friends and family, will sometimes have a hard time understanding what is is that we do. This book is the solution to that! I can only talk to so many people, but Gordon’s book is designed for those who don’t know much about small-time investing.

Take a look for yourself, you can easily download his book onto your Kindle or order a paperback copy for yourself - maybe give as a gift to that person in your life who needs a different perspective of this business!

Please comment below if you’ve read this before, or know someone who has! I’d love to get some feedback from others. You can also check out Gordon Moss’s page by following the link below. Thanks for reading, everyone! I look forward to your reviews.