• Vcita is a popular software that allows clients to schedule meetings with you

        • Get Response organizes all your contacts, and their information, quickly and easily.

        • Go Daddy is a web hosting provider. They are available 24/7 for assistance and support.

        • Grasshopper is a phone system that allows you to keep your personal number private.

        • Zoom is a great software for holding meetings, webinars and much more check it out!

        • Create, market, and sell your own online courses through thinkific

        • Jack Shea Real Estate – Programs and education


Mentor Ship Program

NoteConference Mentor Ship Program is all-inclusive! This package offers access to all content - past and future, for the entire six months! With a laptop loaded with all necessary software (good for a year or more!) you will be able to begin learning right away. 

This package is for those who are seriously committed and want to jump in immediately. This would be great for anyone who already has a note they wish to manage better, or who is completely dedicated to getting involved. The weekly phone calls with Mike ensure that each student has all they need to be successful in this business.

Take a jump start into note investing with my mentor-ship program.

What you will receive:

  • Lessons on how and where to find banks
  • How get 20% or higher ROI
  • How to perform extensive Due-diligence
  • Specific software needed to perform everyday tasks
  • How to build your network faster

Learn quickly what it takes to become a smart note investor. Start finding deals that earn you profit that you wouldn't believe. It took me 11+ years to master the business and I can teach it to you in less than a year

Still Unsure About Your Decision? 

Make A Phone Call Today!

Speak with me directly and lets get you moving. My goal is to help you retire!! This is your opportunity to reach out to me and introduce yourself, I will personally go over the key points of this business. By the end of this call, you will have a clear idea on moving forward in this business.

Schedule a 15 minute Phone Call



What Others Are Saying


"Mike provided all of the bootcamp and all the tools to understand the business. I can’t say that’s just because I have seventeen years of real estate background and a degree, that I definitely needed his help when it came to educating myself to the business."

"The weekly coaching; conferencing that he had, extracurricular finds that keep me on base, actually, to obtain my goal."
 "Like I said, I could not just dive into this business without Mike’s help."