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Biggest life hack you ever found Nothing happens until YOU make a decision. Let me see if I can explain this without making a mess. Lets use a car as most can relate. All the way back to my first car, I made a decision I wanted this car and then man did the world …

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This Labor Day weekend weekend we are celebrating working in this country and thinking hard about it I am truly grateful to have happened onto the investment business and have been able to help others become successful at the same time. “nobody likes a quitter” If you know me you have heard me say this …

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So whats it like working with NoteConference through the intermediate training?The first thing you get after signing up is instant access to the training modules that have been created to match exactly what has worked for us. Then we schedule a call with you to find out where you are in your business life.As you …

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Beal Bank article

Chatting with one of my students reviewing progress he stated he called Beal Bank looking for product. I remember reading about this bank back in “the day” and I recalled reading about the owner in an impressive article which I would like to share with you.Link to articleThis is a good read, you’ll see what …

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Time and Money

Time and Money Your time is everything it truly is. We all have just so much, there isn’t a person alive that gets to buy more.But with that being said, you can buy other people’s past experience to save yourself time and that is huge! Sorry to say that most don’t do this and that may be …

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Programs That Work

Learn            Unlearn                 Relearn NoteConference has been around for 10 years bringing you content that has been tested and proven to work. We also bring you things that did not work for us in and out of our experience. The non performing note investment …

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NoteVision 2018 Invite

Our VenueThis event will be held at the historic Nassau Inn in Princeton, NJ. Your event ticket does in fact cover the entire stay, from Monday through to Friday, in a King Size room. This room has all of the expected comforts of a classic hotel, with a historic touch. Your event ticket includes breakfast, …

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What books are you reading right now

I get this question all the time and it’s a good one “what books are you reading right now and what books should I be reading right now” I guess there are no wrong answers here because no matter what level you are at you will get something out of every book’s say you are …

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Thoughts Feelings Actions

How many good money making hours do we all get if we live a long healthy life? Let’s do the math260 working days in a year8 hours per day 2,080 hours per yearLet’s say 50 years 104,000 totalLet’s turn 104,000 hours into single dollar bills at the age of 20You get to spend those 104,000 single dollar …

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