FasTrack by NoteConference

Your Guide To Note Investing

A Course To Change Your Financial Goals - Turn Your Retirement Into A

Passive Stream of Income For Generations!


When considering retirement, the options are looking more and more destitute. There are those who come to think that they will never be able to step back from the workplace. People are fearful that they will out-live their small retirement accounts - if they even have one!!

That is not the only option. Put that money to work for you - now

My name is Mike Ruscica, and I have been a note investor for over a decade. 

It has been my mission to support others in their journey to financial freedom. I spent many years learning from the best in the business, and have surpassed them. I started teaching people how to enter the note business and to be successful. This business has been grown to bring even my kids in to work alongside me, and am always bringing in more family members.

This business is an amazing opportunity, and I am happy to include you in this.

It all starts with the right attitude and mindset - it’s probably what has been holding you back this whole time! 

At first glance, investing in mortgage notes can seem overwhelming, especially to those nearing retirement. FasTrack by NoteConference answers these questions and more:

  • How do I get started?
  • Which training courses can I trust?
  • Is this the right path for me?

FasTrack by NoteConference Gets Your Questions Answered

Get started with us, and you will be putting your best foot forward in the industry. We offer access to student webinars every other week, lead by Mike Ruscica where you can ask any questions, present dilemmas, even help out fellow students. This course is a low-cost, which is low-risk! You can re-watch the videos over and over again at your leisure for an entire year. 

Each person has their own unique journey. There are no two people who are starting on this path the same way, but everyone has the same and equal chance to get started strongly with FasTrack. Don’t wait any longer to get started on a fast track to financial freedom. Enroll today and start learning about the note business from an expert now!