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How many good money making hours do we all get if we live a long healthy life? Let’s do the math260 working days in a year8 hours per day 2,080 hours per yearLet’s say 50 years 104,000 totalLet’s turn 104,000 hours into single dollar bills at the age of 20You get to spend those 104,000 single dollar …

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Specialized IRA Services Advanced Training Video

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Edwin Kelly- Specialized IRA Service In this video Edwin Kelly from Specialized IRA Services gives us a real reason to get excited.  272 million Americans have IRA’s But only 500 thousand of those are self directed!! Come on America wake UP!!  Even if you already own a Self Directed IRA I promise you will learn something from this video, I PROMISE …

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Note Investing Tip #1

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Creating Growth Through Brokering This happened on the way back from the beach this morning! Anyway, I am rolling out a new series of Note Investing Tips for your enjoyment, let me know what you think in the coming weeks! I want to help you all experience growth in this business. As you know, we …

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Note Investing Tip #2

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Turn your borrower (who has gone through bankruptcy) into an investor?What the heck could this mean!A good percentage of my borrowers have gone through bankruptcy. When someone goes through bankruptcy, their entire financial life is made public on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records, better known as pacer.govMany people have some form of retirement plan, IRA 401K …

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Learn With Us

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NoteConference Education NoteConference has created online courses & a supportive community to get you started the right way into this industry. The note buying and selling business can seem overwhelming, and you might not be sure where to start. NoteConference has educational material that is made for those just starting out, or those looking for more …

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Affiliate Member Support

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Welcome to NoteConference’s Affiliate Dashboard! All affiliates will receive 50% commission on all sales. This currently includes the following programs: FasTrack by NoteConference Mentorship In order to be actively enrolled as an affiliate for NoteConference please make sure the following is To access your specific affiliate links, please follow the below instructions. Go to and log …

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Come & Meet NoteConference

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This month NoteConference has a great opportunity. Mike will be speaking at Dawn Rickabaugh’s Property & Paper Summit. She’s known as the Note Queen and has helped many people get into and succeed in the note business. I am very honored to be meeting with her (finally!) as well as presenting at her summit event. This event …

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Expecting Money?

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This has been the kiss of financial death for most people.We had a neighbor years ago hurt his back on the job with a legal settlement expecting to payoff many hundreds of thousands (according to him) one day. As every day passed I witnessed both him and his wife sit on the porch literally waiting …

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Where are you?

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Where are you in your journey through life?I love this question because it shocks the mind to take stock of the current position you are in, the current status. Guidance System You use your emotions to tell you where you are, totell you if you are on the right path or not. Tired and Bored- Wrong …

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