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Mike Ruscica

Let me first start off by saying that no one does what Mike does!

Mike has always had a passion for sharing and educating. He takes his students through this business step-by-step, holding their hand. His student’s successes are, in a way, his own.

Mike turned his sights towards the note business, and focused all of his attention on being one of the best in the field. After discovering that this is a scalable business and that he can work from home, he knew it was the business for him.

He came across this business over ten years ago, and has been extremely passionate about it ever since. He didn’t accomplish his own success overnight - it is attributed to his mentor. He shared his ten years of experience with Mike, which allowed Mike to jump into the game with eyes wide open.

He learned as much as he could, until he realized that he had the power to become the teacher. Mike is ready and able to share his insight and years of experience with you in the note business. His gift for teaching has lead to the success of many students.

Working with Mike will change you life and put you on a path towards success. As a teacher, this is his ultimate goal.


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