Month: July 2018

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  Note Investing Tip #2 Turn your borrower (who has gone through bankruptcy) into an investor? What the heck could this mean! A good percentage of my borrowers have gone through bankruptcy. When someone goes through bankruptcy, their entire financial life is made public on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records, better known as Many people…

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Note Investing Tip #1 Creating Growth Through Brokering This happened on the way back from the beach this morning! Anyway, I am rolling out a new series of Note Investing Tips for your enjoyment, let me know what you think in the coming weeks! I want to help you all experience growth in this business….

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July 10, 2018 admin Blog February 4, 2018 admin Specialized IRA Services Advanced Training Video Edwin Kelly- Specialized IRA Service In this video Edwin Kelly from Specialized IRA Services gives us a real reason to get excited.  This presentation is from NoteVision 2017 and it is friggin AWESOME!  272 million Americans have IRA’s But only 500…