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NoteConference believes in ensuring each student has what it takes to become a successful note investor. We will work with you on a weekly basis. Please watch this video to learn more!



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Welcome to NoteConference!

We have helped many people become successful note investors and we can help you today!

Note investing is an amazing business that allows us to travel anywhere with only a laptop and a cell phone. We are our own bosses, and we help people along the way.

Our education program is revolutionizing the industry. We will work with you to make sure that you have all of the necessary skills and connections to work this business on your own, full time! We believe in creating win-win scenarios that will provide for the lifestyle you only dream about. Forget the stock market - this is the real way to invest your money!

Note Investment Coaching

Learning from someone who does not know the business as well as Mike is hard to do. We know that investing can seem impossible, but it is not and you don't need to be a millionaire to make money. With our program you can make money while learning the business. That's how Mike got start ed 12 years ago! Thanks to NoteConference, he can travel the world, and make his own schedule all while ensuring a comfortable life & setting for himself and setting up his family for an easy retirement.


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Mike will take his time to speak with you personaly. NoteConference is a mastermind and is currently helping other people with their business goals too! th accomplishing your short term goals are what we do, whether it is 1 note you are want to aquire or if its 100 notes you are want to aquire. The team that I work with in our mastermind will gaurantee to provide service for your goals. It doesnt end there! Once we accomplish hort term goals we can now work on the longterm. Invest in yourself by giving mike a call. 

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With an unrelenting commitment to helping others learn a sometimes challenging, but extremely rewarding, business, Mike Ruscica is a consummate professional. Without Mike’s training, mentoring, and friendship my ability to understand the note business as a respected professional would not have happened.

In a very short time, and with Mike’s thoughtful assistance, I was able to find, evaluate, purchase, and work out my first few notes (and several others since then) with confidence and skill. Sound training principles, copious amounts of investment knowledge and expertise, and solid case studies are plentiful in Mikes training. When these things are paired with his sincere desire to help others learn, his students cannot help but succeed.

It is without reservation that I recommend you take the next step in you and your family’s financial literacy and financial security and work with Mike Ruscica.