Dean Engle

Mike knows 2nds. He’s been doing it for a long time, knows how to underwrite, and understands the risks. He’s the real deal when it comes to understanding how to price and understand potential outcomes on residential 2nd mortgages.

Nick L

Mentoring under these two has helped me better understand the note business to a much higher degree. Due diligence, note pricing, reaching out to homeowners, homeowner dialogue, and note modifications have all been previous topics where they have shared their knowledge and experience.

Though they have helped in many ways, what I have found most helpful is the process of performing my due diligence prior to making offers. I felt that this was where I needed the most help, and after explaining this, mike was able to focus more so on this topic, giving a more customized educational experience.

It has always been very easy to get in touch if I had a question or problem. No matter how small, they were willing to work with me until I better understood.

I highly recommend this program.

Gordon Moss

Mike got me started and focused on the junior lien niche years ago.

He is a first class act